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Amphigory + Outage

Quick and dirty today, I’m afraid. I’m feeling kind of sick. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’ll do.

Hum. Clues. Let’s see. Would you say that those numbers are a little on the large size? And, you should be aware that this is playing off a certain movie series’s titles….

No, I haven’t actually seen the third movie yet. I’ve been tempted, but the honest truth is that I’m feeling rather blah about it. Spider-man three was fun, but nowhere near as good as the second. Shrek three was okay, but again, not as good as the second. Pirates two is ALREADY worse than the first. So, that leaves me thinking that three will be another slight disappointment.

Oh, just a warning. I’ll be out of town for a few days next week. My wife is in California camping on the beach, and I’ll be joining her. It will probably mean a few day outage on my blogs, as I won’t have much in the way of Internet access. I might find a way to post via my phone, but if I do that, it will only be on my main blog. The mirror blogs (Livejournal, Blogger, Facebook, etc.) won’t be as likely to get updated.

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