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Amphigory + Campbell

There you go. Not my best, perhaps, but it made me laugh. First of you on Livejournal who gets it, please post the answer in the comments field. For the rest of you– or blogger–the file name of the picture gives the solution. Yes. I know. I need help. But look at that guy’s face in the center. I just couldn’t help but do this one when I saw that.

Anyway, if that didn’t make you hate me forever, then perhaps there’s still hope for me getting a Campbell Nomination this year. I’m pretty sure that Naomi Novik is going to win the thing–and to be honest, I think she probably deserves it. But, I still wouldn’t mind a nomination. If you attended Worldcon last year or have bought a membership already to go this year, then you can nominate for the Hugos and the Campbell award. Here’s a link to the PDF you can print off to use as a ballot. As always, only vote for me if you think I deserve it, and I encourage you to fill out all aspects of the ballot, making sure to read up on your choices.

In one final note, my father is awesome. If you happen to know my mother’s home phone number, give it a call and listen to the new voicemail message. And nobody tell her about the change. (She doesn’t read my blog. That’ll teach her!)

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