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Alloy of Law T-shirt, Infinity Blade novella on Nook + Updates

My assistant Becky wanted me to do one last shout-out for international signed book orders. The deadline is tonight, if you want them signed before I leave on tour. Anything you order after right now I won’t be able to sign until I return from the UK at the end of November, and with the way international holiday shipping goes, books I sign then are unlikely to reach you before December 24th.

The release of the new Mistborn book, THE ALLOY OF LAW, is one week and eight hours away. The BYU Bookstore will start handing out line numbers for the midnight release at 7:00 a.m. on Monday November 7th. For more details, see my events calendar.

This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode was recorded at Dragon*Con and features Mary, Dan, and Howard talking with Mur Laferty about continuing education for writers, such as workshops, podcasts, and books.

My assistant Peter uploaded another chapter of my unfinished 2001 novel MYTHWALKER, and another collection of my Twitter posts.

Barnes & Noble took a while to get the INFINITY BLADE: AWAKENING ebook online, but I’m not exactly sure how long it took, since the link I was using never ended up working (since they didn’t classify the book under its ISBN for some reason). Anyway, the book is now available on the Nook, and the correct link is below. (Along with the other links for it.)

The book should be DRM-free (I know for sure that the iBooks version is), so if it hasn’t yet appeared on your preferred ebook store, either the iBooks version or the Nook version should work for you (if you don’t want the Kindle version). The Nook version is optimized for devices using the Adobe Digital Editions framework (such as the Sony Reader, etc.), but I have not personally verified that it is DRM-free.

InkWing, which sells shirts based on my books, recently had a contest giving away three of their new Alloy of Law T-shirts. (I mentioned it on Twitter and Facebook.) Anyway, the winners have now been announced, so if you entered, check to see if you won. The shirt itself is offered with free shipping for a limited time.

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