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Allomantic Metal Vinyl Decals!

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve put together some vinyl decals of the Mistborn Allomantic metals for you! (Sorry that the poster is taking longer than expected. We hope to have it for Christmas, but no promises. These will have to tide you over.)

These are very nifty. They are of a strong vinyl, the type you see people sticking on the backs of their cars and that sort of thing. They’d look excellent on your laptop computer, writing notebook, or your Koloss Head-Munching Day greeting cards.

We’re selling them in packs of four for $9.99 each, which I think is a very good price. On-line, it seems that decals like these tend to go for about three to four bucks a piece. (Or more.) We might eventually sell individual metals, but we wanted to get these out for Christmas, and this streamlines the process. You can choose to get the Physical, Mental, Enhancement, or Temporal metals. Note that the package that comes with each group of decals doesn’t identify the metals individually—it will just include a card saying “Temporal Metals” or “Physical metals.”

I’m posting this image below as a quick on-line reference. (Note that on this list, we included the sounds for the letters as well as their metal. Yes, there are a few more symbols and sounds not on this list. RAFO.)

We’re selling the decals with the Temporal Metals including Atium and Malatium, as indicated in the third book, even though they don’t quite belong there. (See the spoiler thread on my forums.) I figured that people would rather buy those as opposed to metals they haven’t read about.

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