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Alcatraz Four Release + Michael Whelan Prints

One important bit of news is that the fourth Alcatraz book, ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE SHATTERED LENS, was released officially in stores this week. I had reports of it being found on store shelves as early as last week, maybe even the week before. So it’s around.

I’m very proud of this book. I think it’s the best in the series so far. You may remember a tweet from me a while back about a book where the dialogue in one chapter is entirely quotes from Shakespeare. That’s this book. It’s off-the-wall, crazy, funny, and yet (hopefully) still has a moving story. They are fantasy books about a family where everyone has ridiculous magical powers. (Think MYSTERY MEN crossed with a quick-paced adventure fantasy.)

If you’ve never tried one of the Alcatraz books, they all stand pretty much on their own. There is an overarching story, but you could launch into this one if you want. (Alcatraz might make fun of you for it, though.)

These books have been kind of a tough sell to bookstores. They’ve been classified as middle grade, targeted at those around ten years old or so, so you usually won’t find them on the shelf next to my adult fantasy books. However, the humor is very broadly based, and scales much older. They’ve found a dedicated following, but it’s not an enormous one. Because of that, finding them in bookstores can be tough. I don’t think Borders is carrying them at all, though Barnes & Noble took a small order. (I’d say any given B&N has a 50/50 chance of having the book in stock, in the children’s fiction section.)

So, I’d like to suggest that if you haven’t looked into them, you consider giving this one a read. (Or the first one, which is out in paperback.) Call your local bookstore first to find out if they have copies. I think most would be happy to order them in for you.

I’ll be doing local signings starting tomorrow, but I know attending one of those is not an option for many readers. Some stores I know that carry the books, and are willing to ship them, are as follows:

  • Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, (858) 268-4747. (They probably have signed copies of the first three, and are an awesome, awesome store. They’ll ship you signed first printings of most of the books, though they won’t have the fourth signed yet.
  • The Barnes & Noble in Idaho Falls, (208) 552-1452, has hardcovers in stock of the first three, maybe the fourth now. They’re willing to ship to you, so if you’ve had trouble finding them, give the store a call and ask for Marybeth’s voicemail. She’ll call you back and take care of you.
  • The BYU Bookstore, (800) 253-2578, always has a nice, large stock of Alcatraz books. You can ask for a signed copy for most of them.
  • And, of course, there’s always online retailers.

Thank you for considering the books. I’ve got some sample chapters of the first novel right here. Also, here are some for the new book.

Tomorrow I’m going to be signing in Eagle Mountain at the Dragons & Fairy Tales bookstore. They have 20 copies of ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE SHATTERED LENS, and the first one I sign will be numbered #1. I’ll number up through the first 50 copies that people ask me to sign, even if that happens after tomorrow. I’ll be in Murray next weekend and in Bountiful the weekend after that, so each stop will provide another chance for you to pick it up.

By the way, Dan Wells will also be signing there at Dragons & Fairy Tales at the same time. We’ll even both sign Writing Excuses CDs if you have them. (Um, there won’t be any of those available at the signing.)

On a different topic, people have been asking for months how they can buy prints of Michael Whelan’s gorgeous cover art for THE WAY OF KINGS. Well, Mr. Whelan has now put up fine art prints for sale in his online store.

The fine art prints come in two versions: a signed open edition, and a signed limited edition of twelve with remarque. (That’s a small unique drawing to the side, I believe.) The twelve limited edition prints will also be signed by me. Both versions have an art size of 19 1/2″ x 32 1/2″ and a total size of 24″ x 36 1/2″.

I’ve posted my thoughts before on the incredible honor of getting a Michael Whelan cover; now, the idea of my signature being near his on a piece of artwork is rather mind-boggling. I can’t wait to see this print in person.

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