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Alcatraz 2 Update + Annotation

New Annotation: Mistborn Chapter Eight, second half.

All right, well, announcement time. Alcatraz 2–tentatively titled THE SCRIVENER’S BONES–was finished yesterday.

For those of you who don’t know, the Alcatraz books are the middle grade fantasy series I’m working on for Scholastic. They’re set to start coming out November of next year, and I’m very excited about them. There a lot of things you can get away with in children’s fiction that you could never do in adult fiction. We just take ourselves a little too seriously.

This second book clocks in at about 60k, about five hundred words shorter than the first book. It constantly surprises me how I can somehow judge book lengths with an innate feeling now. I can shoot for 60k and hit right on the mark, without having to pad or subtract from the story. It just kind of happens. Weird, eh?

Now, it’s time to draft the book a couple more times. Because I do the Alcatraz books kind of like extended free writes (this one took me about twenty days to write) I have to do a lot of work cleaning them up and drafting them. But, it’s very nice to have the book done!

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