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Alcatraz 2 + Annotation

First off, new Mistborn Annotation! We’re up to chapter five, and I think this is a fairly good one. Note that we’re aware of the problem with the hidden text, and are working on it. The spoilers in this one and the previous chapter aren’t that big, however, so it’s really okay to see them.

Second, here’s a screenshot for you:

For those of you in the know, you’ll recognize that as the opening page to ALCATRAZ 2, the middle-grade fantasy series I’m working on for Scholastic Books. I’ve officially started work on it. Let the rejoicing commence.

This series is going to be SLICK folks. I’m very pleased with the first book, and it’s getting all kinds of attention over at Scholastic. The release is still a year away, so I hope I don’t get you too excited too quickly. If you want sample chapters of the first book, just fire me off an email via my website or via gandalf–insert at symbol–

And, just so that I can stick in another picture, here’s a random Google Video link to a crazy Eva video. (No, not the one you’re thinking of…)

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