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About the annotation system Introduction

One of the unique features of this site is the annotation section, where Brandon himself shares behind-the-scenes articles about each chapter of his books. These are meant to be read only after you’ve reached that point of the book—they’re likely to contain spoilers for that chapter and earlier. But so that each annotation will not spoil the rest of the book after that point, we’ve developed a system for displaying spoilers only when you want to read them.

On a page where we’ve labeled part of the annotation as a spoiler you’ll see a small “Spoilers” link under the title that notifies you that a spoiler exists. You can click that link to show all spoilers if you wish, and we’ve also added a large red “Spoilers” warning where each spoiler resides in the annotation. Clicking that warning is another way to make the spoilers on the page appear.

On the right side of this page you’ll also notice a list of books. These are the books that have at least one annotation available for them, and clicking on them will take you to a separate page that lists all the annotations for that book.

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