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A Request

I have a request for all of you lovely folks. We’re trying to convince Barnes and Noble as a chain to order more copies of Mistborn 2. Barnes and Noble, which is the largest single force in book sales in my demographic, has something of a strict policy on hardbacks. They’re VERY lenient on paperbacks, and will often have tons of them in stock. For hardbacks, however, they tend to order fewer copies than the other chains and tend to not restock them once they sell.

Anyway, that’s not your problem. However, it IS something of a problem for you if you drive all the way to the bookstore and they don’t have any copies in stock! I would like to know if that happened to any of you last week. Did anyone who reads the blog here try to find Mistborn 2 and find it either sold out or not being carried by a bookstore you called or visited? If so, let me know!

You can post on my LJ (anonymous comments are enabled).
You can post on my Facebook Wall
You can say something on my forums (where several people have already made this complaint, which is why I thought to ask.)
You can email me.

Let me know your story, and if you were annoyed hat it was tough to find the book. I will then forward the comments on to my editor who can show them to the Barnes and Noble sales rep. Don’t make anything up, and please be respectful! We are happy that Barnes and Noble ordered the copies they did, and I have a number of fans in the organization. However, we do want some ammunition to show them they’re going to need to order more copies.

In the meantime, if you’re having trouble finding the book, why not try Booksense to find an independent bookseller near you who has copies in stock? It’s always fun to visit independent bookstores–I think you’ll enjoy the experience. Also, if you haven’t decided whether to buy the book or not, check out Pixelfish’s review of it!

I’ll do an Amphigory tomorrow, since this book stole all of the space today.

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