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A question for my German and other foreign-language readers

If you haven’t seen the Steelheart book trailer, the prologue, or the teaser chapters (Chapter Ten and Chapter Eleven), please go give them a look! The release date is fast approaching, so think about preordering the book from your favorite vendor. Weller Book Works has a few signed & numbered copies left. You can also come to the release event at the Orem Barnes & Noble on September 24th. (More details later.) Mysterious Galaxy and Shawn Speakman’s The Signed Page will also have signed books available to preorder, but they won’t be shipped until I sign them in October. I have worldwide links to other places you can preorder the book here.

Many of you know that my good friend Dan Wells’s Serial Killer books were published in Germany before they were printed in the US (see Writing Excuses Episode 8.29 for a description of how this happened). Since then, Dan’s books have done very well in Germany. In fact, he’s living there now partly because of this.

Dan’s success in Germany has made me curious about what my readers think of the German translations of my own novels. I’ve never visited Germany. It’s a big market that I don’t know very much about, and I’m curious about it.

In fact, I would love to know how my foreign translations in any language compare to the original English. If there are those of you out there who are familiar with both editions of some of my works, we would love to hear from you, particularly if you are bilingual or have read both the original and a foreign translation. Specifically we would like to hear from my German readers.

We would also like to know who your favorite translators are in your language. Are there ones that do a particularly good job? Please email your thoughts through the contact form on my website or post on Facebook.

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