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A Note From Tracy Hickman

Got this in the email box the other day:

“Just a note of thanks for pointing out my ‘Rose of the Prophet’ series as an example of a work by an LDS author that includes a gay protagonist. For what it is worth, the character was very well received among the gay community — or at least those whom I have met.

If you are interested, however, I did a much more serious treatment of gay/straight relations in my “The Immortals.” It was (and is) a dark future book essentially about AIDS concentration camps in west central Utah. The book is about to go back into print and you can actually listen to my wife and I perform an audio rendition of the book on

Anyway, thank you so much for noticing!

Tracy Hickman”

Note also that Tracy’s “Rose of the Prophet” trilogy (my favorite from the classic era Weis and Hickman catalogue) has just been reprinted in an attractive omnibus edition including all three volumes. If you haven’t tried this series, I highly recommend it. It has an innovative mythology with some great characters in an Arabian fantasy setting. I read these books again and again, and am never disappointed.

|   Castellano