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A Final Plug for the Superstars of Writing Seminar

I thought I’d do one final plug for the Superstars of Writing seminar I’ve been invited to attend. The time is getting near—it’s about three weeks away—and if there are those of you who are thinking of attending, you’ll probably want to get flights pretty soon. Also, they’ve extended last month’s special (the two people for $1200 deal) for another week or so. The current price of $750 for one person is good up until the day of, when the price jumps to something much higher at the door.

Anyway, that’s a lot of money. I know it’s a lot of money, and I cringe when I consider it. But I also know the costs on the back end, and I realize it has to be that much to make the conference worthwhile. I know a lot of you don’t have that kind of cash. But I thought I would tell you some things about this conference.

Kevin, Eric, Dave, and Rebecca are doing a whole lot to make sure the conference is worth your money and time. If you’re considering a career as a writer, this is going to be a very good investment. Remember, this is a conference targeted at the business side of being a writer. Some of the talks that will be given include:

Eric Flint doing a breakdown of a royalty statement, step by step.
Dave Wolverton giving specifics about how he pitched the Runelords to Hollywood and got a seven-figure deal from it.
Eric, Kevin, and Dave talking about the specifics of how editors look at manuscripts. (Remember, Dave and Eric have worked professionally in the business as editors.)

This will cover self-promotion, agents, contracts, and real-world experience with breaking in and that sort of thing. We’re not going to talk about writing books (that would be a different conference). We’re going to talk about selling them and surviving as a writer. I’ll be giving a solo lecture on how I broke into the business, and all of the strategies I used.

If you live in the LA area and want to be a professional writer, this will be a very cost-effective conference for you. And even for anyone else. Essentially, I broke in because of things that Dave taught me about the business.

Finally, as an added bonus, everyone who signs up will get onto an email list-serve where they can contact the authors and ask follow-up questions. I will be giving to anyone who comes an electronic copy of the exact proposal I sent to Dreamworks Animation that got ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS a film deal. I’ll also be including an outline of one of my books, so you can see directly into the process of how I write novels. Last but not least, I’ll be hanging out the entire weekend and be available for chatting, questions, and other stuff.

The full schedule is here. Seats are filling up, so I’d register soon if you want to go.

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