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Oathbringer (Stormlight 3) third draft
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White Sand graphic novel vol. 1 release
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The Dark Talent (Alcatraz 5) release
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Stormlight novella release
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State of the Sanderson 2016

Introduction Hello, and welcome! I hope the holiday season is treating you all very well. Around this time each year, I write a blog post called State of the Sanderson. I usually post it on or around my birthday, which happens to be today. (So, happy Koloss Head-Munching Day to you all.) These posts run Read the full article…

Snapshot Cover Reveal, How to get your hands on the Mistborn Leatherbound + Updates

Adam here. You may remember a post that Brandon wrote this past summer regarding a novella he finished on his trip to the United Arab Emirates. It is called Snapshot and is a science fiction detective thriller. Normally when Brandon releases a novella he starts promotion at the time of release. This time, however, he Read the full article…

The FAQ is now live!

Karen here, one of Brandon’s assistants. I’m usually in charge of continuity: making sure that little details, like the color of a minor character’s eyes or the shape of each kind of spren, are consistant from one book to the next. I also keep a master timeline so that each viewpoint character lives the same Read the full article…