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Annotation + Notes

New Annotation: Chapter Thirty-Seven Part One

I’ve turned my attention back to the Dragonsteel series, now that the little Scribbler blip is finished with. Still waiting to hear what my agent thinks of that book. Also, I did just hear back on two bits of good news.

First, Tor has approved another book tour for me this fall. So, I’ll be traveling up the west coast again, as I have the last two years. If you live anywhere from San Diego to Seattle, you should be able to expect me and David Farland (perhaps someone else as a special guest) to be stopping somewhere relatively near where you live. As before, Vegas, Boise, Idaho Falls, and Logan will probably be on the list as well.

Secondly, my local Borders has kindly invited me in to do a signing during the Harry Potter midnight release in July. So, if you’re planning to pick up a copy that evening, why not come to Borders where you can chat with me and pick up one of the shiny new Alcatraz chapter booklets that Scholastic sent me?