Current Projects
Stormlight 3 first draft
78 %
White Sand graphic novel vol. 1 release
100 %
The Dark Talent (Alcatraz 5) release
100 %
Stormlight novella first draft
100 %

AMoL Update

I managed to get through my re-read of Knife of Dreams earlier in the week, with a focus on certain characters I’m writing on right now, and so I’ve found time to get a few thousand words in on the rough draft. Our percentage bar ticked up by 1% for the first time in a couple of weeks.

Remember, each of those percents means 4k words, which for a lot of writers is an entire week’s worth of writing. I have a goal of 10 during good weeks, but these last few weeks I’ve felt very good when I’ve managed half of that. Usually on tour, I don’t write at all. It’s just too grueling to be driving to a new city each day, signing and meeting people, then spending the days visiting other bookstores and signing the books on the shelves.

Anyway, we’re still inching away toward my goal of being to 400k words by the end of December.